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Probate Services

R-Group 4-Step Probate Service

1. Contact & Contract

  • R-Group will meet with the executor/personal representative to fully explain the probate services process, and to learn about the property
  • A Property Listing Agreement is entered into by Realty Executives Tucson Elite, R-Group and the Executor/personal representative

2. Physical inspection & Report

  • R-Group, with our Inspection Partners, will conduct inspections of the property to assess its condition and identify improvements and/or repairs needed to prepare it for successful lease or sale
  • A property inspection report, with pictures, will be created

3. Property Valuation – Analysis for the property is created using the following methods

  • Automated Valuation Model (AVM)
  • Realtor Valuation Model (RVM)
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • SmartZip Analytic (Home and Investor Report)
  • Appraisal – Independent Third Party (additional cost)
  • Analysis of subject property and surrounding comparable properties by experienced R-Group realtors
  • For rental properties, the CMA is based on comparable rental properties in the market area using Multiple Listing Service, Appfolio and other web based databases

4. Recommendations are presented to the executor/personal representative, based on the physical inspection, property valuation and current market conditions

Solutions for Marketing the Property for Sale

1. As-Is Offer and Sale

  • A Broker-Seller Listing Agreement is entered into by Realty Executives Tucson Elite, R-Group and the executor/personal representative
  • Seller pays Title and Escrow Fees only (at our discounted rate)
  • Quick Close – 21 days or less
  • Normally no repairs or improvements are made
  • Clean-out and clean-up of the property is performed. R-Group can help coordinate with one of our partner companies to assist, if needed.
  • All personal belongs are removed from the property except for what might be used for staging the home; even a fixer-upper can benefit. The salability of the property can be further enhance by using R-Group’s professional stager
  • New pictures are taken and the home is listed

2. Fair Market Offer and Sale – If the desire of the executor/personal representative is to sell the property for top market price, then, in addition to R-Group 4-Step Process taking the following steps will insure a successful sale

Repair and Improvement Options:

  • If the executor/personal representative choose to assume responsibility for coordinating and performing the work, we will provide recommendations
    • The executor/personal representative can outline the physical improvements and/or repairs to be done
    • Establish the timeline for completion
    • Stager conducts onsite evaluation and makes furnishing recommendations
    • Upon completion, the home is properly staged and listed
  • If R-Group is chosen to coordinate and perform the work, we will:
    • Prepare a quote for the project
    • Establish the payment requirements for the project
    • The upfront dollar amount of payment required from the executor/personal representative to begin the work is determined
    • Invoices for the project come to R-Group. R-Group collects payment from the executor/personal representative for the invoices, and pays the contractors
    • The project time-frame is outlined and R-Group coordinates with contractors for timely completion
    • R-Group’s professional stager conducts onsite evaluation and makes furnishing recommendations
    • Work begins
    • Once completion of work the furnishings will be returned to the property and staged for sale
    • New pictures are taken and the home is listed.

3. Listing and Marketing the Property

  • A Broker-Seller Agreement is executed by Realty Executives Tucson Elite, R-Group and the executor/personal representative, or who may hold title at that time
  • In either case, being sold as-is or selling for top dollar, R-Group will aggressively market the property to secure a buyer; from a carefully prepared listing detail of features the property, the surrounding area and/or community have to offer, to holding open houses, and maximizing exposure on multiple websites. All details of renovations and/or repairs will be included to maximize the property at its best
  • If it’s sold as-is R-Group will highlight the benefit of a purchase at less than maximum price and could offer solutions to enhance the property for a new buyer

4. Property Management Services

  • If the estate decides that the best option is to lease the property, then R-Group’s Property Management Team can come in to help
  • A Property Listing Agreement is executed between the executor/personal representative, Realty Executives Tucson Elite and R-Group
  • New pictures will be taken and the property listed for rent
  • R-Group will secure a new tenant, utilizing appropriate screening, e.g., credit checks, criminal background checks, etc.
  • Property Oversight – whether the new title holder resides out of state or in town, we can take care of full oversight of the property to the extent agreed upon between R-Group and the title holder
  • Utilities started and/or maintained – R-Group can help with utilities and landlord contracts among the various companies. So, move-in and move-out is simpler
  • Maintenance and repairs – R-Group will minimize the hassle factor related to maintenance and repairs. All maintenance requests come directly to our property management team. The owner will be notified of service requirements and our partner contractors will take care of it, at discounted rates

The Family is Moving In

Should the family choose to occupy the property R-Group can assist. Whether it is an inheritance or a purchase from the estate we will be there to help the family. From making the repairs they request (per our guideline above) to providing support with the moving process using our discounted moving partners, our mission is to provide a caring and meaningful experience for every family.