Top Home Design Trends

Dated: 12/01/2016

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BUILDER recently asked real estate professionals to share their thoughts about the top design trends their clients are currently requesting. Here are some of the top design trends that real estate pros said are in demand:

  • Open layouts

  • Neutral color schemes

  • Multi-generational floor plans

  • First-floor master suites

  • No dining rooms

  • White kitchensImage title

  • Extra-large garages

  • Big closets

  • Finished basements with 9-foot high ceilings

  • Barn sliding doors

These are national design trends and local/regional trends may differ.  Here in Southern Arizona most of the above listed trends some to apply, with the white kitchens, finished basements and barn sliding doors as possible exceptions. There is one trend that I believe will become tremendously popular in the very near future and that is designing "SMART" homes.  Homes where systems and appliances can all be run and accessed remotely using your phone.  Once the consumer starts seeing what company's like Apple, Google and Amazon are creating and the vision they have, SMART homes and their features will be just as important as WIFI.   When the SMART home design trend avalanche starts, the "historic home"status will have to be reconsidered. 

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