Top 4 Home Improvements

Dated: 11/12/2016

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Kitchen Rehab

According to the Remodeling 2016 Cost vs. Value Report ( here are the top 4 things a homeowner can do that will give them the greatest return on investment (ROI) here in Tucson:

  1. Attic Insulation                            156.8% ROI   

  2. Entry Door Replacement           100%    ROI   (Average of Steel and Fiberglass construction)

  3. Deck Addition                              88.5%   ROI

  4. Kitchen Remodel (Minor)           81.3%  ROI

There aren't many decks being installed in Tucson so my guess is this improvement would include adding outdoor living space (patio) area.  This area of the home is getting more and more attention here in southern Arizona, both by the consumer and architects and designers.  Bring the outdoors inside and indoors outside from almost every room has people looking at privacy and lot usage much differently than in the past.  Example; Outdoor showers. 

A kitchen remodel continues to be a huge driver in home improvement and the numbers would show that a minor kitchen remodel at an 81.3% ROI is a better choice for many than doing a major remodel 71.2%.  This can be a very challenging thing to hold to if the kitchen is brought into the living area of a home, such as removing a wall to bring the kitchen into the family or living room.  There are other options depending on what you have to work with to keep the cost down such as  simply opening up a wall (see inset picture ).  The kitchen has become the "central hub" for a home and its value shouldn't be underestimated.  

I love working with our clients and vendor partners to not only make a home better, but while doing it make it more valuable.  In doing future projects we will be posting before and after pictures.  This has been hugely successful in promoting a house for sale or rent before we even put it on the market, so stay tuned or contact us we'd love to help!   If you'd like to have us help with suggestions Click Here

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