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Dated: 05/12/2017

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Image titleWhen you think about buying a home the last thing you think you must do is remodel. Right? Wrong! Often searching for that perfect home with the idea kitchen, fabulous spa-like bathrooms and perfect colors and floors is a demanding and time consuming affair. This is where working with a Realtor who knows design and has a crew can really be an asset!

There was $31.2 billion spent last year on remodeling 1.8 million kitchens and 2.5 million bathrooms! This made up 95% of all remodeling to homes. So, whether you are buying or selling this is something to keep in mind. If you are selling take an objective look around your home. Pretend you don’t live there and look at each area of it through the eyes of a buyer. This can be difficult because we become attach to our “stuff”. That special chair that you saved for and purchased in 1980. The wonderful needlepoint that your sweet grandma handcrafted and passed down to the family. Too often we walk through our homes and that is what we see, our “stuff” that we love and cherish and makes our home truly “our home”.

So now look past all that, see the house. If you have lived in your home for more than 10 years, chances are it’s become a little dated. Or, maybe, it was to begin with and you just never got around to those projects you had in mind. Perhaps it’s just painting to refresh the place or a change in flooring or a wall coming down to open it up. Walk thru and make an honest list of what you would want to change and prioritize it. A real professional can help you in selecting perhaps just a few things that would make a world of difference in what you will get for a sale price.

Now some will tell you, “don’t update, let the buyer do it because they will want their own personal taste to be reflected”. That’s a double-edged sword. If the buyer can’t get past the dirty stained carpet, or the whitewashed cabinets, so popular in the 80’s and 90’s. Then there won’t be a chance to enlighten them with the other charms of the home. BE PREPARED. You have a choice to stay in control of the sale. If remodeling is out of the question, then spend a little to have some plans and ideas drawn up with estimated cost to go along with them. A buyer will be happy to see how much it would cost to update a kitchen or bath, or move a wall and lay down flooring. That’s where working with a Realtor trained in these areas, and has a crew, will help sell your home for more!

Now what if you are buying? Unfortunately, most sellers don’t have representation that helps them in the areas I just discussed so it falls upon you, the buyer, to look through what is not attractive or is old and dated to see the vision of what could be. Just think, you have found the perfect location, the schools are just right, all the amenities you care about are there! But, OMG, there’s no way I’d take a shower in that bathroom! What to do? Work with trained professionals who can get an estimate for a remodel on that bathroom and work it into your financing! This can be done. And those trained professions are us!

The Rice Group. We are here to help you. Buying or selling call us today. 520-465-6475 Nancy Armanini, Realtor, designer and she, who has a crew that can do the job quickly, affordably and most important, beautifully. I’m looking forward to sharing an adventure with you!

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