Joyful Heart

Dated: 12/21/2016

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Having a joyful heart is at sometimes hard to do.  In many cases, it takes work to concentrate on what we are so grateful for in our lives.  Just yesterday, I found myself getting frustrated and angry with a few of our tenants  who have all sorts of excuses of why they cannot pay their rent.  In those cases it is hard for me to be joyful when it is my job to protect our clients in collecting rent for them so they may pay their bills.  I asked myself, can you be joyful when you talk to these people? Not really because  it is serious business when I have to say "pay or we will have to move forward with eviction"  Ugh, the worst part of property management for me.   Even worse when it is the holiday season.   As I write this, it is a new day, new morning and I will go forward today with joy in my heart and be grateful for so many things I have in my life.  I will also send prayers to those folks who choose to spend their money in other ways than paying their rent.   Please take a few minutes or longer to be mindful of what you are grateful for everyday.  Here is a cool Christmas card Steve and I received.  Very simple.  Merry Christmas!

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