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Dated: 08/24/2016

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Moving can always be a difficult task...however it could be the perfect opportunity to make some upgrades/changes to your new home that can help save energy, increase your health plus all the sustainable benefits!

My wife and I just moved into our new home and took the opportunity to make some great changes to help "Green" our home. I can tell you that you want to make sure that you give yourself enough time to get the projects done as I ended up scheduling things a bit tight!!! Here are some of the things we have done so far:

-Zero VOC paint: we wanted our entire home painted so we took this opportunity to use Zero VOC paint. It was a slight up-charge but knowing that we will not have all the chemicals floating in our new home was well worth the extra $100 TOTAL!

-Green Label Carpet: we are a little old school and I love the feel of carpet in the bedrooms. Our new home needed it so I wanted to make sure that our carpet matched our beliefs. Be sure to ask for this carpet instead of the traditional carpet as just like paint, carpet can release VOC's! This was something we really wanted to stay away from as we are also hoping to start a family in our new home and I will be spending a bunch of time on the floor with a little one! 

-LED Lighting: we changed out every single light bulb in the house and made sure to recycle the old bulbs at Home Depot. The energy and efficiency these new lights offer is amazing and something you should definitely look at for your own home. No more are the days of having to use a towel to take a light bulb out because the new LED's do not put off the heat and easy to touch even when they are on...but just turn the switch off and don't take me for my word!

-Wifi Controlled Thermostat: we ended up buying a 2 story home in the desert...don't ask why but we love it! Now, the first thing we thought about was the heating/cooling so we purchased a used Honeywell Thermostat that we can control from our smart phone, anywhere in the WORLD...also from downstairs I don't have to walk up and manually change it. But the greatest feature is we have it set up on a schedule and can easily modify it while we are out if we need too. There are many expensive options but we opted for used one and it has worked like a charm!

We have been in our home for just about two weeks and these items have been so great to add to our new home! In today's market it will definitely help our home standout if the day comes when we decide to sell and we are looking forward to exploring other creative ways of decreasing our footprint and increasing our health and pocket book.

Let me know if you want some other great ideas of "Green Featuring" your home! I am 1 of only 23 Realtors in all of Tucson with the GREEN Designation! 

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